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Halo Twitter Account Teases Master Chief Joining ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’

Halo Twitter Account Teases Master Chief Joining ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’

Don't hold your breath, because this is more a laugh than anything else. But, looking at some precedent here... is it so unlikely?

Phil Boon

Phil Boon

When we say possibility here, don't hold your breath - the realistic chances of the Halo series' famous protagonist Master Chief showing up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are about as slim as the wad of notes in my wallet come the week before pay day (which is to say: practically non-existent). But let's not allow common sense, or reality in any way, to prevent us from having a little fun.

Twitter's official gaming account, @TwitterGaming, asked the question:

"If you could bring any character in to (sic) Smash, who would it be?

"We will rate your choice accordingly."

Cue the official Halo account replying with a gif lifted from the trailer for the forthcoming Halo Infinite, revealing the Chief with iconic helmet in hand.

TwitterGaming's immediate response: to @ Doug Bowser, incoming chief operating officer of Nintendo of America, and the executive vice president of Xbox, Phil Spencer. I mean, if you don't ask, you don't get, right?

The thing is, Xbox and Nintendo have been making eyes at each other, lately. We know that Microsoft services like Xbox Live, Games With Gold and Game Pass could cross over onto non-native platforms - like, for example, Nintendo Switch. And February saw rumours that Halo (and Gears of War, and Forza) titles could become playable on the Switch, via a service like Game Pass. We know for sure that Cuphead, previously an Xbox console exclusive, is headed to Switch - it launches on 18 April. (We've played it on the Nintendo system and everything - it's really really real.)

Which has us thinking: maybe? Is it such an impossibility for Xbox's most recognisable mascot to cross over onto Nintendo's premier multi-franchise-mangling fighter? Sonic's in there, and has been for ages. Persona's Joker is imminent. Master Chief, with his instantly identifiable silhouette and array of weapons and moves, would actually be right at home in Smash.

Dare we dream? Other responses to TwitterGaming's question included Spider-Man (no chance), Shadow the Hedgehog (sure, why not), Sora from Kingdom Hearts (the game's already got Cloud from Final Fantasy, so that's reasonable), and, um, Eric Andre. Frankly, Eric Andre can join the battle whenever he likes.

Eric Andre
Eric Andre

Into seeing Master Chief in Smash? Of course you are. (But yeah, don't like, bet your house on it.) If your feelings on the matter - on this bit of fun for no other reason than fun - are particularly strong, let us know - we're on Twitter and Facebook.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/Nintendo/LADbible

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