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Here's Every Major Unreal Engine 5 Game In Development

Here's Every Major Unreal Engine 5 Game In Development

With Unreal Engine 5 now out and available for everyone, here's a look at some of the upcoming major game releases using the new tech.

When it comes to game development, nothing seems to get anyone quite as excited as hearing that something’s being made in Unreal Engine 5. Like, if a game is being made in this thing, you know it’s gonna look juicy - the visuals it can produce are basically photorealistic, there’s no way you can look at some of the tech demos and not feel even a little bit impressed by the stuff that you’re seeing. 

Although the software has been available for use since early last year, a State of Unreal livestream yesterday confirmed that it’s now out for everyone, and also gave another taste of what this thing can do, as if we needed any more convincing that it’s good. There’s loads of games that are already being built in it, including some really big titles - here’s a rundown of the most notable ones (thanks, GameSpot).

Check out this incredible Matrix showcase in Unreal Engine 5 demo below.

First of all, it’s been confirmed that the next Tomb Raider game will be developed using Unreal Engine 5. That’s… literally all we know about that one so far, but rest assured it is happening, presumably with some very swanky looking tombs to raid. The untitled upcoming Witcher game is, too - a pretty surprising twist to deviate away from the company’s homemade REDengine. 

Continuing the unnamed game trend, there’s the next Gears of War, an RTS game developed by Frost Giant (founded by Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne’s lead campaign designer Tim Campbell and StarCraft 2’s production director Tim Morten), and an upcoming Layers of Fear game.

As for other stuff, the long awaited sequel, Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl also uses Unreal 5, although that game has understandably been pushed back as the developers, GSC Game World, prioritise their safety during the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. There’s also the horror titles Quantum Error and ILL, Bethesda’s upcoming action-adventure Redfall, Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, and MMORPG games Into the Echo and Legend of Ymir

Thought I was done? Nope, let’s quick-fire a few more: Ark II, ArchAge II, Black Myth: Wukong, Ashes Of Creation, Dreamhouse: The Game, Echoes Of The End, Game Of Thrones (a mobile game adaptation), and Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate are all set to be made with this shiny new tech. Fortnite also shifted over to the engine in December, and while not a lot has changed there just yet, no doubt more shiny visuals will be rolled out in time.

So, exciting times! Unfortunately though, as you probably noticed, a lot of the stuff listed here is still very early in development, so there’s quite a wait ahead of us for most of it. 

Featured Image Credit: GSC Game World, CD Projekt RED

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