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Cops Who Raided xQc's House Thought He Was A Meth Addict, Streamer Says

Cops Who Raided xQc's House Thought He Was A Meth Addict, Streamer Says

Earlier this year, xQc had said he feared for his life from the repeated swattings.

Canadian Twitch streamer Félix "xQc" Lengyel has shared that the police officers that were called to his home for a raid thought that he was a methamphetamine addict. 

Lengyel is one of the most popular content creators on the service, yet, this incredible rise to superstardom has come with its setbacks. He has been criticised for his gambling streams for the moral question of promoting this to people who might not be in the same strong financial position that he is. Furthermore, unsavoury sorts have doxed and swatted the streamer, causing the police to raid his house believing there was a hostage trapped inside. 

Swatting is a crime in the United States and a number of other countries owing to the possibility of violence and even loss of life due to a false report. Eventually, Lengyel and his partner Sam were forced to move out because it simply wasn’t safe for them to stay where they were. 

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"Almost every day the police came to our house with the full squad. Because of f*cking idiots. And I was genuinely scared that I was going to die,” said Lengyel on the events earlier this year. However, in a recent stream, he told a story about a strange exchange he had with the police. 

He recalled one time where he had been swatted while playing Detroit: Become Human. The police took him out of his room and started questioning him, but not about the hostage situation that caused the call. “They asked me, ‘Dude, when was the last time you have eaten?’” he said, adding that he thought that the officers must have thought he was an addict. 

They didn’t believe him when he said he had eaten only a few hours ago, but they moved on to ask him when was the last time he had slept, and they didn’t believe his answers then either. In all of the chaos, it is at least a positive that the police wondered if Lengyel was in a bad way and wanted to offer assistance.

Featured Image Credit: xQcOW via Twitch

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