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Twitch Stars Alinity And Kaceytron Wrestle For Halloween Charity Event

Twitch Stars Alinity And Kaceytron Wrestle For Halloween Charity Event

Over $500,000 was raised for the animal conservation charity.

Twitch streamers Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon and Kacey “Kaceytron” Caviness wrestled in the mud to raise funds for Maya “Maya” Higa's animal conservation charity and the scenes were ridiculous. 

"In 2017, I decided that my life purpose was to witness and be a part of the comeback of at least five species that I care about," said Higa in an interview with Insider. "I believe that the more people learn about how much our natural world is suffering, the more they will do to come together to conserve it.”

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While the fundraising stream was originally intended to auction her own paintings, other famous faces lent their support to Higa. Félix “xQc” Lengyel gave away his Luminosity jersey and raised $12,500, Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren bought an hour of Michael “Shroud” Grseziek’s time for $53,000 and T-Pain donated his Gucci loafers to the cause. 

The 21 hour stream also saw some stranger antics, too, when Alinity and Kaceytron stepped into the mud pit to wrestle while Esfand acted as the referee (dressed as none other than Dr Disrespect). "I've been waiting for this sh*t since 2013, b*tch! Let's go!” said Kaceytron before bursting into song with Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. 

Being drenched in mud is at the very bottom of my list of activities that constitute a good time, but I’m sure I could make an exception for charity like these two. Kaceytron won the first round while Alinity complained that she’s eaten much more dirt than she’d ever expected to. Kaceytron threw mud in Alinity’s face in response and the two wrestled again until Maya arrived to break up the “fight.”

Nearly $600,000 was raised in total for the Alveus Sanctuary, and as she had jokingly said before the stream started, Higa shaved her head for surpassing the monumental goal. "The most powerful tool in Twitch as a platform for me is being able to build and unite a community for doing good," she continued in the interview. "I am constantly amazed by the generosity of my community and the support I get from Twitch streamers around me."

Featured Image Credit: Alinity via Twitch, Kaceytron via Twitch

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