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Sony Offering Refunds To WWE 2K20 Players Over The Many, Many Glitches

Sony Offering Refunds To WWE 2K20 Players Over The Many, Many Glitches

WWE want our money back.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

In news that probably shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, Sony is bending its policy on refunds just a little and offering reimbursement to anyone with a PlayStation 4 who purchased WWE 2K20, which I'm assuming would be pretty much the majority of people who purchased WWE 2K20.

The latest iteration of the popular wrestling video game franchise launched last week and swiftly went viral for the fact that it's an incredibly broken game chock full of glitches that are equally alarming and hilarious.

While people have been willing to laugh at the glitches for the most part, 2K has also rightly been called out for allowing a full-priced video game to release in such a putrid condition. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the reviews the game has been receiving. Hoo boy, has it been getting slated.

At the time of writing, the PS4 version of WWE 2K20 has a 38 on Metacritc based on six critics reviews, and an alarming 1.5 based on 129 user reviews - down just a tad from the 1.6 based on 69 reviews from when I checked last week.

The social media storm got so bad that #FixWWE2K20 actually started trending on Twitter in the US, and the game's Steam page was besieged by hundreds of negative reviews which... well, to be fair, that doesn't mean that much these days, does it? Steam users will review bomb anything to the point that it's kind of losing its meaning.

Regardless, is now reporting that Sony is issuing refunds for any players who have an issue with the game's broken features, bugs, or missing items. Various customers have taken to Twitter to claim that they were offered refunds right away and with little hassle, while others are reportedly falling foul of PlayStation's 14-day refund rule. Clearly they just need to keep trying.

"We are listening closely to the feedback that's been shared regarding WWE 2K20 and are aware of the concerns some players are reporting," 2K said wrote in a statement on Friday.

"We're working hard to investigate these concerns and address them as necessary. We expect to have an initial patch ready in the next two weeks, with others to follow. Stay tuned WWEGames social media channels for more information."

Featured Image Credit: 2K