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Sony Assessing PlayStation Party Chat Changes Following Negative Feedback

Sony Assessing PlayStation Party Chat Changes Following Negative Feedback

Nobody liked that.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Sony is reviewing the party changes it made after fans have been criticising updates. The PlayStation developer has had a lot of recent push back on the decisions it made regarding changes to player communications, both voice and typed.

The 8.00 patch that Sony just released links your party and your messages to one another. To voice chat with a party you must first be in a messaging group with one another. Before parties were more fluid and people could drop in and out in a much easier fashion - now you must add someone to a group for them to enter into VC.

This has annoyed a lot of fans who regularly use voice chat as part of their gaming experience and now Sony is looking to change its mind on the update. It sent out a tweet saying, "Hey folks - just wanted to let you know that we're looking into your feedback on the recent changes to Parties on PS4. Thanks for speaking up - we'll keep you posted."

This hopefully means that Sony is going away to think of a solution to the problem that players are reporting. Making it more difficult to talk to friends is never a good feature.

Sony has been making a lot of changes in the lead up to the release of the PlayStation 5, including changes to how communication between players will work. For one, the company will have the option to record your conversations for abuse reports and bans. This will hopefully lead to fewer players using homophobic, racist, and bigoted language against others with the knowledge that there are no repercussions for their actions. This announcement has caused its own ruckus when players were unsure of what this meant for the PS4, and Sony had to apologise and clarify its announcement.

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