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PlayStation 5 Factory Photo Confirms Console Size, And It's A Unit

PlayStation 5 Factory Photo Confirms Console Size, And It's A Unit

Oh lawd.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Exactly how big is the PlayStation 5? It's a question fans have been asking since Sony unveiled its next-gen console earlier this month. A number of fan mockups were soon made that suggested that it would the largest PlayStation console to date, and an absolute unit in its own right.

Now a new image - supposedly of the PS5 on the factory line - adds fuel to the idea that the next-gen hardware will be way larger than we imagined it'd be. The photo in question reportedly started off in Discord, before being shared on Resetera (thanks, Tech Radar). We can't say for sure whether this is authentic, but it'd be a seriously weird thing to fake.. right?

Take a look at the picture for yourself below.

While it sure looks convincing, there's some debate among fans as to whether or not the photo is legitimate or not. One Resetera user by the name of FFMuz, a verified member and software engineer, claims that the image is real, and an internal communication within Sony.

"There is no more context to be provided," they wrote. "It's real. Does the term internal communications not mean anything to anyone? Its really not complicated."

Again, I personally don't get why someone would fake this kind of thing... but the internet is a weird and confusing place where people do weird and confusing things. Take it with a pinch of salt for now, is what I'm saying.

PlayStation 5 /

Assuming it is indeed the real deal, the size of the hardware is about as large as previous estimations made it out to be. That is to say, it's the biggest PlayStation console to date - more of a beast than even the original PlayStation 3. And I always thought that was the biggest a video game console could get. Silly me.

What would be really great is if Sony could release the actual dimensions of the console. There's only so much space on the cabinet underneath my TV, and I'm going to need to make some tough decisions if I want to find a permanent home for my PS5. I might even need to build a new shelf just to fit it in, because standing up or lying down, it's an absolute monster.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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