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Starfield update adds feature fans have been begging for

Starfield update adds feature fans have been begging for

Time to slide

Fans have been begging for this update since Bethesda's Starfield launched and it's finally here. Upon launch, players were annoyed to find that there was no 'Field of View' (FOV) slider in the game, which made everything feel like it was too close to our character's face.

Leading the patch is, of course, the much asked for FOV slider, but there are several quality of life updates here that will improve your playthrough. Despite the many issues the game suffered with, it has reached over 10 million players and became 'the biggest launch in Bethesda history'.

Take a look at our review of Starfield below.

The generic "Various additional stability and performance improvements" is seen in the patch notes which, while vague, shows that smaller improvements are being implemented. Last month, Bethesda announced that future updates would focus on quality of life and "community requested features" including brightness and contrast control, an HDR calibration menu, DLSS support and support for ultrawide monitors.

There was also a note to say that stability has been improved for Intel Arc GPUs on PC.

Starfield was released 19 September but players who upgraded their purchase could start out five days earlier. Since its release, Starfield has gone on to break records for Bethesda and split opinions between players. Depending on who you ask, the sci-fi RPG is either a Game of the Year contender or just downright shi**y.

In recent weeks, modders have begun supporting the game in a myriad of ways; either via individual projects or via their own large patches. There's a chance that the community will meet the targets of Bethesda before the developer can even assign staff to the task. Of course, mods are only available to PC players currently, but there are plans to bring mods to console too.

For now, we'll just have to launch our 36th new game+ and see what kinds of trouble we can get up to with outpost building and spaceship construction.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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