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Starfield players are struggling to see the game through to the end

Starfield players are struggling to see the game through to the end

Some Starfield players are reporting that they're struggling to see the game through to the end after growing bored.

Starfield is over one month old now, so players have had plenty of time to dive into the game. Surprisingly though, quite a number are reporting that they’ve given up after growing bored.

Bethesda’s space epic has proved to be far more divisive than I think any of us expected. Here at GAMINGbible, we rated the game a perfect 10 out of 10 for its revolutionary scale and sense of opportunity. Others criticised the game’s loading screens and fast travel. Regardless of the criticism, Starfield is responsible for Bethesda’s most successful launch to date. We’ve seen a number of updates released since launch day, with one highly requested feature added just yesterday. Thankfully, we also know that city maps are on the way - plus there’s the Shattered Space DLC to look forward to. Some players just aren’t interested in rolling the credits though.

Take a look at our review of Starfield below.

Personally, I found Starfield’s narrative to be incredibly engaging - and it certainly gains momentum the further you progress through the game. That’s not the experience everyone is having though. One Reddit user wrote, “Did anyone else take a break from Starfield and just can’t be bothered to get back into it? Played around 15 hours and thought it wasn’t bad. Far from a great game (not as good as Skyrim or Fallout) but I had to stop playing as I became busy and just can’t bring myself to get back into it. It feels like such a chore to play. I’ve never felt that way about a Bethesda game before.”

The post has garnered over 1,000 upvotes at the time of writing. Welshdragon888 responded, “I've taken a break after 50 hours and will jump back in once the DLC drops. Too many other games to play right now,” while mrgreen4242 added, “I put almost 80 hours in, took a break, and honestly I agree with you: it feels like a chore. There are some AMAZING things in the game and I enjoyed a ton of it, but I don’t feel like trying to clean up my inventory or build a ship or anything because they made it too much like work.”

Zealousideal_Sun8519 commented, “Yup. Did 50 hours straight, quest hopping back to back and felt absolutely no connection with anyone and got bored.” I guess you can’t please everyone.

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