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Developer Immortalises Brother As A Blacksmith In Her New Game

Developer Immortalises Brother As A Blacksmith In Her New Game

She worked for 10 days to ensure that the likeness was as accurate as possible.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

In an adorable tribute, one of the developers of the upcoming fantasy settlement building game Guild Of Dragons has turned her brother into a blacksmith in the world because he always wanted to learn how to forge.

Given the creative opportunities that games offer their developers, I'm willing to bet there is a wink, nod or nudge of some form in every single game you've ever played. Mass Effect 3, for example, has a hidden Mars rover in its Mars mission which will greet Commander Shepard. Naughty Dog's survival horror The Last Of Us will give you a clue to what has caused the outbreak in one of its very first scenes, though there's something specific that must be done to trigger it. And, an Uncharted 4 animator added a tribute to Assassin's Creed when Nate climbs to the very top of a clock tower.

With the power that a developer holds, it would be remiss not to use it to hide something personal in plain sight, and that's exactly what happened in Guild Of Dragons. "My brother always wanted to learn how to forge - so I modeled the blacksmith in our settlement building game after him," said one of the developers and showed off the stunning likeness between her brother and the in-game NPC.

Guild Of Dragons is a little like Skyrim if the dragons of Tamriel had viewed the other races as equals instead of pawns. Still, it's not all doom and gloom, as per our travel guide to the realm right here.

She's even been so generous as to give him bright blue hair which is certainly a strong look if he ever wanted to try it out in reality. It's things like this that add that human element into a game and make it much more believable, as if it's populated by people rather than assets and code. Plus, the response to the character has been overwhelmingly positive and cheering.

"That's awesome! I probably would've made my brother the court jester or something," said TheRealNERFNinja on Reddit. The project to bring her brother into the game took about 10 days and she committed to ensuring that every facet of his face was as accurate as possible. "Good design 10 out of 10 would buy my stuff from him," added KlayGamer.

Featured Image Credit: Artcue

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