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Guy Slips Engagement Ring Into Girlfriend's Gaming PC, But She Still Hasn't Noticed

Guy Slips Engagement Ring Into Girlfriend's Gaming PC, But She Still Hasn't Noticed

I love GPU.



Words by: Catherine Lewis

Proposals, huh? When it comes to asking your partner for their hand in marriage, there's so many ways to go about doing it, it's a wonder that people ever actually decide on their plan of action. For us nerdier folk, there's also the optional added pressure of incorporating our interests into the whole affair - because what better way to declare your everlasting love than by bringing in something you're both equally passionate about? Besides each other, that is.

Over on the r/pcmasterrace subreddit, that's exactly what user NoSexAppealNeil tried to do - 'tried' being the operative word. He wrote: "Over a week ago I replaced my girlfriend's 1660s with my old 2070s, asked her how the fps increase is? And she said she didn't notice I even changed it. How long [do] you think it will take for her to notice the engagement ring?" Pictured, we can see the potential fiance's PC, and sure enough, peeking through the glass and inside the chassis sits a ring in a sleek silver box, just waiting to be discovered. By the looks of it, it's basically right next to the monitor too, so she must be a really focussed gamer. I can't even imagine the level of anxiety the poor guy must have been feeling all week waiting for a reaction.

Even if NoSexAppealNeil hasn't quite managed to secure his girlfriend's hand in marriage just yet, others on Reddit (who are fervently denying the implications of his username) have expressed their willingness to step up as alternative fiances, just in case things don't work out: "If she doesn't marry you, I will," commented asadoldman. "That ring [would] probably fit my finger... And I could use that gpu... Just sayin, if she says no." added Treiz13me.

Hopefully though, it's not going to come to that, as NoSexAppealNeil has a new plan: "Going to go to Montreal with the friends we game with, I booked a private hot air balloon ride and trying to see if I can get a company to make a massive banner that my friends can lay down when we are up there," he added in the replies. Aww. Well, I for one hope it all works out for the couple, even if by the sounds of it, that might break a few hearts over on Reddit. Regardless, I'm sure I'm not going to be the only one constantly refreshing for an update post on this.

Featured Image Credit: Andy Holmes/Andre Jackson via Unsplash

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