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Dude Spends Over $1 Million On Gaming Character, Mate Sells It For $500

Dude Spends Over $1 Million On Gaming Character, Mate Sells It For $500

Friendship OVER.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Two friends fell out spectacularly over a video game and even ended up in court - when one sold a virtual character the other had invested over a million dollars in for just $500.



According to the South China Morning Post, via Kotaku. a man in China had spent an incredible $1.4 million (USD) on developing and growing his beloved character in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) called Justice Online.

In one of the biggest "oopsies" of all time, his mate accidentally sold that character on for a paltry $552.

The bloke who'd just sunk well over one million smackeroons into his character with various skins, guns and other add-ons, didn't take this too well. According to the report, he filed a lawsuit against both game company NetEase and the former friend who sold his character.

The report goes on to reveal that the (ex) friend had been loaned the character. For some unknown reason, the friend then tried to sell the character back to the man for for 388,000 yuan ($55,138). Doesn't really sound like friend material if I'm honest.

Unfortunately for both men, the character was listed on NetEase's in-game marketplace for 3,888 yuan ($552), where it was almost immediately purchased by another, completely unrelated player. In court, the friend/defendant claimed that the low price was a result of a typo incurred by a marathon gaming session.


The case was ultimately settled by a judge who dealt with proceedings online. NetEase canceled the sale transaction, and the original owner of the $1.4 million character was reunited with his investment.

Unfortunately, he did have to pay out 90,000 yuan ($12,789) in damages to the poor sod who unexpectedly purchased the character in what he originally must have thought was the bargain of the century.

As for the friendship between the two men? I honestly have no idea, but I expect it'll be a while before either one lends the other anything again.

The real question is how a character in a video game can end up being worth $1.4 million. Quite frankly, that is a terrifying amount.

Featured Image Credit: NetEase/Columbia Pictures