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Nintendo’s Newly Revealed ‘Ring Fit Adventure’ Is A Weird, Role-Playing Workout

Nintendo’s Newly Revealed ‘Ring Fit Adventure’ Is A Weird, Role-Playing Workout

Grab your Ring-Con and get questing - and maybe tone up while you’re at it, with this Wii Fit for Switch package...

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

I love it when Nintendo gets weird. It doesn't always work - step forward and take a bow, Virtual Boy. Sometimes it burns brightly but fades away, like the cardboard Labo sets. And occasionally it doesn't get made at all - remember that Vitality Sensor for the Wii, anyone?

But the company's hit rate is pretty good - and looking at Ring Fit Adventure and its accompanying peripherals, a new adventure game (and more) for Switch, I wouldn't bet against the company having another success on its hands.

Ring Fit Adventure /

Ring Fit Adventure is the Switch's take on Wii Fit, I guess, replacing a Balance Board and mini-games with a single solo role-player, which will see us wandering "an expansive world", battling all sorts on monsters using neither sword nor shield, but... Leg Strap and Ring-Con.

These are the accessories that come with the game, and each one houses one of the Switch Joy-Cons - which means, yes indeed, this will not work with the forthcoming handheld-only Switch Lite. Take a look at this deep-dive trailer for more...

His eyes. What has that man seen in his time? Anyway, you'll be squeezing and stretching, bending and jogging on the spot to defeat the various beasts in your way. Says Nintendo of Europe president Stephan Bole, in a press release:

"It's in Nintendo's DNA to keep thinking of new ways to entertain players and put smiles on their faces, and Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch is a new kind of game where fitness meets adventure. I hope that once players hold the Ring-Con, put on the Leg Strap and start playing for themselves, they'll be immersed in a journey that will keep them motivated to come back and have fun exercising every day."

Ring Fit Adventure package /

This is definitely another experiment in the vein of Labo - but unlike those fold-and-slot sets, Ring Fit Adventure seems unlikely to be in pieces two weeks later, with components lost down the sofa and others bent into unusable shapes. And unlike Wii Fit, the fact that this is a story-based game is pretty neat.

Previews of the game have complimented its surprising depth, and explained how certain moves work - following on-screen instructions, the position you get your body into, or pressure applied to the Ring-Con, trigger abilities. Pressing the Ring-Con to your stomach sees your character raise a shield to protect themselves. Your main enemy in the game is a hench purple dragon, as seen above. Obviously.

Ring-Con and Leg Strap /

There's also a Quick Play option which does feature mini-games, and is better suited to regular workouts. Look forward to shaping pottery using squats! So too are the Simple and Sets options, with the latter a "great way to target a muscle group the player wants to improve, like legs, shoulders, lower body or core" according to the press release.

Ring Fit Adventure comes out in the US on 18 October priced at $79.99 - UK price is yet to be confirmed - complete with the accessories above. I'm probably going to sweat into it, a little. It'll be weird, but why not. And if you fancy some too, there's more info here if you need it.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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