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New ‘Pikmin 3 Deluxe’ Trailer Shows Off Nintendo Switch Gameplay

New ‘Pikmin 3 Deluxe’ Trailer Shows Off Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Plant life

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

Switch owners - well, some Switch owners - are getting pretty desperate right now. Why no Big New Direct, they're asking. Where are those Mario remasters? Whatever is going on with Metroid Prime 4? Um, new Breath of the Wild sequel news, when?

And yes, these are legit questions - but to get hung up on them is to be blind to the steady stream of very good games coming out for the Switch. In the last week alone, I've downloaded Raji: An Ancient Epic, The Last Campfire, Jenny LeClue: Detectivu, and No Straight Roads, and will be properly digging into them this long bank holiday weekend. And the recent Switch release of A Short Hike really isn't one to miss - it's one of my favourites of 2020, no doubt.

But back to the news, and the reason you clicked your way to this page. The forthcoming Pikmin 3 Deluxe - an all bells 'n' whistles version of the game that came out for Wii U in 2013 (spoiler: it was the second game I bought for that system, and it's a bit magic) - has gone and got itself a most charming new trailer. It's in Japanese, which might be a problem - but this being Pikmin, language isn't really a barrier when it comes to understanding what to do. And just look at those drawings. Delicious.

Come on, now. That is entirely cute, isn't it? I mean, until you remember those lil Pikmin, they can get eaten, and that's horrific, actually. Nevertheless, Pikmin 3 is looking lovely, even three years on from its Wii U release; and I'm personally looking forward to revisiting the game when it releases for Nintendo Switch on October 30th. The 'Deluxe' version comes with all the Wii U title's extra-missions DLC included, a prologue and epilogue, a Piklopedia to keep track of these plant critters, and it supports co-op play as you can see in the screen below.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe /

I've always looked at Pikmin as one of those series that just doesn't get enough love - and I'm hopeful that its arrival on Switch will be a timely reminder, apparently with so little else coming to the console, that Nintendo's real-time strategy game possesses a significant depth that its cute visuals might not immediately convey.

Well, I say cute. Are the Pikmin cute? Or are they creepy? Only you can know for sure.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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