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Modern Warfare 2 players slam 'awful' state of new mode

Modern Warfare 2 players slam 'awful' state of new mode

Call of Duty fans have been complaining about the Ground War mode in Modern Warfare II, which has been changed since its appearance in MW19.

Infinity Ward gave players a lot to love about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II when it released in late October. From the early release of what many consider to be one of the series’ best campaigns, to the gorgeous graphics and creative maps, it was easy to get a bit swept up in the hype.

As more and more time has passed since release though, players have been finding new gripes with the game, and as Dexerto reports, some have now been expressing their annoyances about the Ground War mode. The mode was first introduced in Modern Warfare (2019) and was received well, but a number of changes introduced in MWII have left players frustrated.

Check out some gameplay footage from Modern Warfare II below.

Reddit user VektaCS claimed that “Ground War is in an awful state”, and pointed out a whole variety of issues including the “lack of cover between flags”, “increased weapon damage drop off at range in MWII means snipers are effectively unchallengeable unless you're sniping too”, and the “ridiculous” building density.

Others are in agreement: “They basically took what was universally hated from MW19's GW and doubled down,” Aries_24 replied. Hated tanks before? Now there are double the amount out on the map at all times. Hated rooftop campers/snipers? Now nearly every roof is accessible. Map control doesn’t exist. People just drop wherever they want throughout the match. Footstep audio may as well be nonexistent.”

“There's so many aspects of this game that's just a straight downgrade from MW19 from a game design standpoint and anytime people point it out it gets down voted lol,” attackpelican added. “It's actually absurd.”

Players also suggested a number of ways that the mode could be improved, such as removing all the excess space around maps and making changes to the helicopters in the mode - hopefully Infinity War will be able to make some alterations in future updates.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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