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Ludwig Discovers Amouranth Is Secretly Multitasking While Live On Stream

Ludwig Discovers Amouranth Is Secretly Multitasking While Live On Stream

Amouranth is better at multitasking than you might guess.

Amouranth is one of Twitch’s most controversial streamers. The content creator is either praised by people or scorned because of her famously boundary pushing streams. Though her content may be a hot topic of contention with streamers and viewers, her work ethic is undeniably dedicated, so much so that audiences are only just understanding how she can be live for so many hours of each day. And fellow streamer Ludwig has just worked one of her tactics out.

As reported by Dexerto, a recent stream interaction between Ludwig and Amouranth revealed that the latter streamer isn’t only streaming when she’s live, she’s also paying attention to other things too. Amouranth is on camera for many hours a day with thousands of viewers but even when she was live, she was responding to Ludwig’s chat about a joint business venture. Ludwig then realises she’s live, and checks on her stream too, but just by watching, you’d never guess she was doing anything but paying attention to her own viewers.

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Ludwig asks if she’s watching and if she watches films and other content while live, to which she smirks and nods. Ludwig says: “How is this possible? Do you just watch Twitch on your headphones secretly while licking a microphone? Did I just find out that you’re secretly watching Twitch while farming thousands of views? Oh my God!” He goes on to laugh and raid the ASMR streamer. It turns out that the way she keeps herself going and entertained while on her own streams is by expertly multitasking. 

“Nod your head if you watch movies and sh*t and TV shows. That’s crazy! Alright, I’ll raid you. The hardest working woman in all of Twitch. Hardest working human in all of Twitch, I’ve got to give it to you.” Even if you don’t like her work, you can’t help but be impressed that she’s so good at concealing she’s working on other stuff while streaming.

Featured Image Credit: Amouranth / Ludwig

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