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YouTuber Boogie2988 Speaks Out About His Arrest For Aggravated Assault

YouTuber Boogie2988 Speaks Out About His Arrest For Aggravated Assault

Though as it's now a legal case, he has to be careful with what he says

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Steven 'Boogie2988' Williams was arrested in May after a warrant was put out for "aggravated assault". After another YouTuber, Frank Hassle, turned up at his house in September 2020, Boogie pointed a gun at Hassle before firing into the air. The police are now treating this case as aggravated assault and Boogie will be facing trial. After keeping quiet about the whole affair, Boogie has now posted a YouTube video in which he talks a little about the situation, as well as what he's doing now post-arrest.

In the YouTube video, Boogie says: "So due to the incident that happened last September, there was an arrest warrant issued for me on May 7. I was made aware of it and travelled home as soon as I could and turned myself in on May 12. I was processed in about three and a half hours. We posted bail after I was processed and then I've been waiting in my home ever since awaiting trial, and that's a pretty slow process."

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He continues: "We've entered a plea of not guilty and my lawyer is doing his job. Keep in mind this is not going to take a day, or a week, or a month - I genuinely don't know if it'll be done in six months or a year. This is a very slow process so be prepared for that to be very slow. I know you want to hear more, I know you want me to talk about the individual specifics but unfortunately this is a legal proceeding now and I'm going to do something I've very bad at doing, and that's keeping my stupid mouth shut."

The rest of the video is a bit of an update on how Boogie's supporters can help his channel, how he has disengaged from YouTube and social media at the moment, and what his future aspirations for his work are. He admits that he has driven away some audiences through past behaviour and hopes to win them back, and eventually get back to making the content he wants for an audience that enjoys it.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Boogie2988

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