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VTuber Goes On Fox News To Discuss Twitch Hate Raids, Does Pretty Good Job

VTuber Goes On Fox News To Discuss Twitch Hate Raids, Does Pretty Good Job

It's weird, but it's also great

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

We're not sure when VTubers became recognised by news organisations but we're here for it. Following the recent rise in Twitch's hate raids and subsequent boycott of the platform on September 1st, VTuber Buffpup was interviewed in her streaming set up on Fox 5 New York. And you know what? It was great and an interesting way to introduce the capabilities of streaming to a wider audience - even if some people would be horrified to see it.

As Kotaku reports, Buffpup was interviewed by Fox News on the topic of hate raids and the "half-human, half-dog" represents the situation pretty well. Though not quoted extensively, she sums up the point of the strikes well - streamers just want Twitch to stop these awful attacks and they can do that by needing email verifications for example.

Other streamers have reacted positively to BuffPup's appearance too. You may know Hasan Piker who streams political commentary, news, and general Just Chatting content on Twitch. He's often the first to react to unusual situations on the news, and he thought that the interview was great.

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If you happen to be unaware of what's going on Twitch at the moment, hate raids have been plaguing the platform. We have a piece that breaks down the majority of events for you to understand but the gist of it is that content creators have had a large influx of bots hitting channels, that have not only harrassed the streamer and their community but in some cases even got them in trouble or even doxxed.

It's a mess and though Twitch is working on relieving some of this pressure, it's actually other streamers and third-party software developers who have done the most when it comes to protecting and educating people on how to prevent this situation from happening to them.

In any case, at least out of his dire situation, Buffpup got to show people what technology and animation have achieved in the streaming world. VTubers are a big part of streaming's future, there's no doubt about that so why not drop Buffpup a follow if you're interested in her work?

Featured Image Credit: Buffpup / Twitch

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