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Valve And Apple Reportedly Working On An AR Head-Mounted Display Device

Valve And Apple Reportedly Working On An AR Head-Mounted Display Device

AR, matey.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Apple and Valve have reportedly teamed up in an effort to combine resources and co-develop a new Augmented Reality headset. Word on the internet is that we can expect the project to release in second half of next year, perhaps around the same time the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett launch.

Talk of an Apple AR headset (or Apple Glasses) has been floating around since 2017, when Bloomberg reported that the tech-giant was working on getting such a device out to the world by 2020, even seeing it as a potential successor to the iPhone, apparently.

These claims were later backed up by Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said that the Apple AR device would be entering production towards the end of 2019 (aka, now).

Valve Index /

DigiTimes has now reported (via MacRumours) that Apple has now pivoted to co-develop the headset with Valve after previously suspending the project earlier in the year. Apple and Valve have a previous working relationship, with Valve having helped Apple bring native support for VR headsets to MacOS.

"Apple will cooperate with Valve on AR headsets rather than VR devices," DigiTimes writes, "as its CEO Tim Cook believes that AR can make digital content become part of the user's world and will be as popular as smartphones with consumers."

The publication goes on to describe the AR project as a "head-mounted display device." Kuo previously claimed that it would be sold as a companion accessory to the iPhone - the phone itself will apparently deal with all the heavy lifting (computing and such), while the headset simply serves as the display.

According to various analysts, the idea is that - once the technology allows it - the iPhone aspect of the headset will be taken away completely, and we'll simply have a headset/pair of high-tech glasses that can handle computing, networking, positioning, and display.

Think Tony Stark's EDITH glasses in Spider-Man: Far From Home, but, you know, less capable of calling in drone strikes to take out your enemies. Probably.

Spider-Man Far From Home EDITH /
Sony Pictures

As others have already pointed out, launching the Apple AR Glasses in the second half of 2020 probably makes the most sense as that's when the 2020 iPhone models are expected to launch. No doubt Apple will want to try and sell its shiny new headset as an invaluable part of the 2020 iPhone experience.

Featured Image Credit: Apple/Sony Pictures

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