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Twitch Prime Now Amazon's Prime Gaming, But What Does That Mean?

Twitch Prime Now Amazon's Prime Gaming, But What Does That Mean?

Welcome to your Amazon life

Mark Foster

Mark Foster

Twitch Gaming has now officially been re-branded as Prime Gaming under Amazon's leadership, bringing with it a host of interesting inclusions for members of Amazon Prime that they might not have known about.

If you own an Amazon Prime subscription, congratulations, you now have access to Prime Gaming on Twitch. Frequently overlooked in favour of more popular services like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, Twitch Prime was a source of free in-game content, PC games and a Twitch channel subscription every month which have been open to Amazon's 150million+ Prime subscribers.

Prime Gaming /

Since its acquisition of the platform in 2014 for an eye-watering $970 million, Amazon have been working away behind-the-scenes with developers like Rockstar and Riot to offer fans free in-game bonus' for titles like Grand Theft Auto: Online and League of Legends as well as offering free games every month. There's over 20 this month alone.

In a press release (via GameSpot) Amazon confirmed that they have no plans to slow down this service for fans, and while the in-game freebies will be available to claim on any gaming platform, the free indie games are only going to be on PC for the immediate future.

The name change is largely only a cosmetic one, in an attempt to make it more obvious to subscribers that, yes, Amazon does own Twitch and, yes, you can get all this free stuff, too. It's also going to be much easier to claim your freebies with the ability to gobble them up directly from the source at Amazon, as well as on Twitch.

As long as your Amazon account and main gaming accounts are linked, you're pretty much good to go, though as GameSpot points out, some will require you to be plugged-in with a third party account for games from devs like EA and Rockstar.

Naturally, you also get all the other benefits of a Prime membership like Prime Video, Music and discounts on goods on the Amazon store, so all told, you'd be daft not to at least go check out what's available to you on Prime Gaming right now.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon / Rockstar