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This Jaw-Dropping 'Hades' Cosplay Is As Godlike As It Gets

This Jaw-Dropping 'Hades' Cosplay Is As Godlike As It Gets

Olympus, we accept this message!

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

The team here at GAMINGbible absolutely adored Hades, the super-stylish roguelike ARPG from Supergiant Games. Blending satisfying combat, a stand-out setting in the depths of the Underworld, and a compelling storyline, the game is "full of action, death, laughs, death, and death, there's plenty here to keep you playing long past your bedtime." You could imagine our reactions when we saw this truly brilliant cosplay of Zagreus, which is the stunning work of Taryn Cosplay.

The community has gotten hot under the collar seeing these incredible photos, showing an amazing attention to detail to the character. His tunic is the exact shade of red, and the skulls on his shoulder with interconnecting spines are wonderfully shaded. Taryn has used makeup and contouring to recreate the high-contrast art style of the game, without losing his own features underneath the paint. And, his laurel of autumnal leaves even have the scattered sycamore leaves that hover above his head in his dialogue portrait.

This is thanks to some excellent photo editing skills, which also helps the opulent background look like somewhere in the House of Hades. Perhaps, after another unsuccessful attempt at escaping his home, Hypnos has marked the occasion with an impromptu photoshoot. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and countless hours creating an extremely realistic cosplay, as it happens. "I was totally in love with the game and created everything by myself in a couple of weeks," said Taryn. He explained that the cosplay was actually simple to process, but the pursuit for perfection led him to spend hours and hours on each part.

The majority of the costume is made from fabric and leather, specifically folded and treated to look as close as possible to the character, and the bones are made from high density foam. Last, but certainly not least, Zagreus' sword is an amalgamation of polystyrene, forex, foam and foam clay. You might have guessed that Taryn is a professional cosplay model and performer, based on his evident talent and knack for materials. He's been in the business since 2015, and has cosplayed as Johnny Silverhand, Geralt of Rivia, Eivor, Trevor Belmont... the list literally goes on and on. Next up is a Viego cosplay, from League of Legends, and the challenge will be to build an even bigger sword for the Ruined King.

Taryn is keen on cosplaying more characters from Hades, so may we humbly suggest Thanatos? As the polar opposite of Zagreus, Thanatos reflects this in his outfit, which is grand and dramatic with an asymmetric shoulder plate and flowing black robe. Or Ares? A much more traditional look, to be sure, but you could have a lot of fun building his glowing helmet and sword.

Featured Image Credit: Taryn Cosplay

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