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‘The Sims 4’ Players Are Complaining Of Fiery Urine, No Really

‘The Sims 4’ Players Are Complaining Of Fiery Urine, No Really

Urine for a surprise.

Mark Foster

Mark Foster

Well, that's a headline you didn't expect to read today and not one I expected to write, but here we both are.

A new glitch popped up for a couple of The Sims 4 players that had their digital counterparts seemingly urinating fire. That's actual fire, mind you, not just a burning sensation. An important difference to highlight.

As reported by Redditors iBooperDooper and FelineNeko, their Sims were afflicted with the strange phenomenon prior to updating the game ready for the Eco Lifestyle Expansion coming this week. Among other things, the expansion is set to include firefighters, which might go some way to explaining the strange shenanigans.

The Sims 4 /

This isn't the only bug (via Rock Paper Shotgun) the update has introduced though, as it wreaks havoc for players. Some have reported corrupted save files and lost progress on their time-consuming home improvements and upgrades.

While some gamers have been suffering with these glitches, the majority have been able to enjoy the sizable new update to The Sims 4 problem free. It includes things like ladders, M.A.C cosmetics and a Repo Man NPC among other things. You can check out a full list of additions right here.

Now that we've managed to clear up the urine confusion, I should say that The Sims 4 players in real life are (probably) all being sensible with their partners, and have not been reporting a dramatic rise in fiery piss. At least I don't think they have. I don't want to check.

Featured Image Credit: EA / iBlooperdooper

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