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Streamer Breaks Twitch’s Viewership Record With An Audience Of 2.5 Million

Streamer Breaks Twitch’s Viewership Record With An Audience Of 2.5 Million

2.5 million viewers really wanted to see TheGrefg's new Fortnite skin

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Big streamers are used to big audiences - they come hand in hand. If you're Valkyrae, Corpse, XQC, or Sykunno, you expect tens of thousands of people to be watching your streams at the minimum, and maybe a nice hundred thousand here or there. But last night a streamer you might not have even heard of broke the Twitch record for the most people watching a single person's stream with a huge 2.5 million watching him live.

Famous Fortnite streamer TheGrefg was live on Twitch on January 11 to reveal his new Fortnite skin. Epic Games has collaborated with three big Fortnite personalities before to bring content creators to the game. You might remember the first being blue-haired Ninja, and after that Loserfruit and Lachlan followed suit. Now it was TheGrefg's turn and apparently, there were millions of people that wanted to see his skin as soon as it was revealed.

If you haven't heard of The Grefg, it's probably because you don't speak much Spanish. The 23-year old is one of the biggest streamers in the Spanish-speaking gaming world, but because there is a bit of a language barrier with live streaming, it's easy to miss big names in the international streaming sphere.

In any case, even if you hadn't heard of the guy before, it's obvious how successful the man is just by these numbers alone. Esports analyst Rod 'Slasher' Breslau and data website Stream Hatchet came together to show Twitter just how mind-melting TheGrefg's new record is with a graph. The Fortnite skin reveal achieved over double the next highest entry, which comes from another Spanish streamer, elrubiusOMG - at a cool one million viewers. Australian streamer LazarBeam is just under than in third with 900k, which is the same figure as American streamer Technoblade in at fourth. TheGrefg is also fifth, tenth, and eleventh on this list - taking four out of the fifteen available spots. Incredible stuff.

So if you're thinking of ever getting into streaming yourself, might be time to learn a little Spanish, no? Ah crap, what's Spanish for no? I can't seem to remember.

Featured Image Credit: TheGref (via YouTube) / Epic Games

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