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Star Wars Finally Explains Why Stormtroopers Aren't As Good As Clone Troopers

Star Wars Finally Explains Why Stormtroopers Aren't As Good As Clone Troopers

The latest episode of The Bad Batch has offered an explanation.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

The Bad Batch, a spinoff show that builds upon Star Wars: The Clone Wars, follows a group of "defective" clones who resist Order 66 at the end of the Clone Wars. Thanks to their genetic mutations, they're very skilled and so it's a wonder that the Empire didn't stick with its squadrons of engineered soldiers and instead indoctrinated the Stormtroopers. Well, its latest episode has shone a light on why these lackeys aren't as good as their predecessors.

Spoilers for War-Mantle, the fourteenth episode of The Bad Batch, follow. If you're yet to catch up, head out, hunker down and read this explainer another time.

Captain Rex contacts the Bad Batch in order to save the clone commando Gregor from an Empire base on the planet Daro. When they arrive, they see that the clone commandos are being employed to train a new type of army - one composed of conscripted individuals from all over. In the escape effort, the group are able to cut through the new stormtrooper soldiers with comparative ease, and Hunter comments on Gregor's teaching ability. "I didn't teach them everything," rebukes Gregor. "That wouldn't be very smart, would it?"

I don't know about you, but I am very interested in the prospect of Star Wars: Visions, an anthology of short animated films from the galaxy far, far away. If you're still a little lukewarm on that, one of them is described to be a "rock opera" set on Tatooine. Yeah. Take a look below.

To be fair, it wouldn't. If the other clone commandos share Gregor's perspective on the situation, then it checks out that the stormtroopers aren't going to be as skilled as the clone troopers. Furthermore, it's evident that clone troopers are able to resist Order 66. Clone Force 99 is an example of this as well as Captain Howzer's choice to alert Cham and the others of the trap set by Crosshair in the episode Rescue on Ryloth.

What's more is that Gregor adds that the Empire has an "endless supply" of individuals to select and assimilate into its agenda for the galaxy. So, in sum: they weren't taught the same skills as the clone troopers and they are cheaper to recruit and train. Ergo, scores and scores of Stormtroopers are a show of force and intimidation even if their actual skill set pales in comparison to their predecessors.

Obviously, it's not a flawless approach - in The Force Awakens, Finn absconded from his identity as a Stormtrooper as soon as he could with Poe in tow. And, as the cherry on top of this cake, here's the clip of the Stormtrooper walking into the door in A New Hope.

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