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Sex Addict Suing Twitch For £20 Million Over 'Sexually Suggestive' Content

Sex Addict Suing Twitch For £20 Million Over 'Sexually Suggestive' Content

Well, okay then.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Twitch is being sued for $25 million (£20 million) by a viewer who has complained of exposure to "overly suggestive and sexual content." The suit, which was filed in California earlier this month (thanks, Dexerto), also demands a number of the streaming service's biggest names be removed from the platform over violation of terms of service.

Court documents explain that complainant Erik Estavillo suffers from sex addiction, as well as various medical conditions that mean he has to remain indoors. With Twitch as one of his only sources of entertainment, Estavillo complains that his sex addiction has been "extremely exacerbated by displaying many sexually suggestive women streamers through Twitch's twisted programming".

The Twitch logo
The Twitch logo

Estavillo, who follows close to 786 women and no men on Twitch, is finding it impossible to use the platform "without being exposed to such sexual suggestive content".

The full complaint also explains that much of the content on Twitch has caused him to masturbate so frequently that he's hurt his penis in the past. On another occasion, he alleges that he "once ejaculated on his PC monitor, causing a short circuit and small fire within the electrical system of his gaming rig and causing his apartment to black out temporarily."

"There is no way for the plaintiff to filter streams he'd like to watch based on gender, male or female," the document reads. "Therefore the plaintiff has to choose a game and/or category to watch, with thumbnails showing these scantily clad women, alongside men, of being the only streaming channels available to him."

Estavillo also calls out some of the "offending" streamers, requesting the court issue an immediate and permanent ban on some of the biggest names on the platform. Pokimane, Alinity, Loserfruit, Pink_Sparkles, MizzyRose and SashaGray are just a few.

Pokimane /

Weirdly, Estavillo also calls on the aid of actor Winona Ryder, as well as Martin Lee Gore of Depeche Mode. The suit suggests that Ryder could back many of his claims by explaining "the significance of alienation in Catcher in the Rye [sic]', while Gore "has been known to be sad, lonely, and alienated as can be seen in the songs he writes".

Twitch has been served with an official summons on June 19th. However, it's already blasted Estavillo's case as "frivolous", and as having "absolutely no merit".

Kotaku also notes that Estavillo has previously attempted to sue Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony without success, so it's unlikely that this latest case will get much further.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/Alinity

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