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Ridiculous 'Warzone' Win Shows Why You Should Never Teabag Your Enemy

Ridiculous 'Warzone' Win Shows Why You Should Never Teabag Your Enemy

This player won't be so confident next time they're in the final two.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Overconfidence can be a virtue, but it's more often a vice, as one player has found out after teabagging a gamer in Call of Duty: Warzone. The adversary took the time to teabag our hero in this story after downing him, but as the clip shows their overzealous actions cost them dearly.

The clip is from an unnamed person on Facebook, but it has been re-uploaded to Reddit by Z_1886 and spotted by GamesRadar. The circle is coming to its final stages as there are only two players left. One, the player we're following, is in a truck, attempting to squish the other operator.

As many players realise, however, the windshields of vehicles in Warzone aren't that sturdy and before our player gets the chance to hit the second, they're shot and downed, falling out of the vehicle. And then, the most glorious thing happens.

The player's enemy comes bounding around the truck to claim their Warzone victory. They've won, they've beaten the rest to take this win and all they need to do is finish our player off. But first, they're going to attempt a celebratory teabag.

As they're teabagging, the aforementioned truck begins to roll back on a gentle decline. Closer and closer it inches toward the enemy who, enamored with their victory dips, is caught by the wheel and killed just like that. Blink and you would have missed it. Everyone on comms goes wild as they realise the downed player has the win and of course, they simply had to record the occasion because when would they ever get such a good win again right?

So this is a reminder to all of you out there, even when it seems like victory is certain. Even when you can't imagine anyone being able to interrupt your game - you better watch out for random trucks that might roll over you as you teabag someone. A wise, wise lesson.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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