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PlayStation Trademark Hints At Return Of Classic PS3 Feature

PlayStation Trademark Hints At Return Of Classic PS3 Feature

Homeward bound.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Remember PlayStation Home? It's okay if you don't: Sony's doomed social media experience has long since been consigned to the trash heap of failed video game experiments, nestled somewhere between the Virtual Boy and the Tony Hawk: Ride skateboard peripheral.

For those that can't recall this particular oddity, PlayStation Home was essentially a 3D social media platform for the PlayStation 3. It was kind of like Habbo Hotel crossed with Second Life, with a ton of PlayStation branding thrown in. Players would meet up, chat, and take part in activities together. The service launched all the way back in 2008 and wasn't shut down until 2015, but despite a solid seven-year run, it failed to leave much of an impression.

That's not to say Home didn't have its fans, mind you. There are plenty of PlayStation users out there who genuinely loved it and would regard it as a classic of the PlayStation 3 era. At least, that's what I've learned after seeing the reaction to the news that Sony might just be bringing it back from the dead.

As discovered over on ResetEra, Sony very recently renewed the trademark for PlayStation Home, and now has the rights to the name until 2028. A number of fans believe this is a sign that the social media platform could be revived for the PlayStation 5, although we're less certain that's the case.

It's always worth pointing out in cases like this that it's very common for a company to renew trademarks, if only to ensure it has the rights to a certain name if it decides it has plans for it. It's not necessarily indictive that there are plans afoot.

PlayStation Home /

Still, that hasn't stopped fans from dreaming about what a next-gen reboot of PlayStation Home might look like. And with a brand-new headset being designed and released for PlayStation 5, there's every chance Sony could be re-tooling Home as a virtual reality experience similar in style to VRChat. Unlikely? Yes, but stranger things have happened. We could very well be headed for Home, the long way round.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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