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The PS2 Eclipse Is A Gorgeous - And Portable - PlayStation 2

The PS2 Eclipse Is A Gorgeous - And Portable - PlayStation 2

Portable gaming never looked so good.



Words: Catherine Lewis

With the Switch sitting pretty at 89 million units sold and on its way to outselling the Wii, the highly anticipated Steam Deck releasing later this year (that is, if you're lucky enough to grab yourself one), and even Xbox reportedly considering releasing its own handheld, it's safe to say that it's a pretty great time for handheld gaming.

Of course, we've seen portable PlayStation consoles before too; both the PSP and the PS Vita, were (and are) great little devices. But they share a rather unfortunate flaw; the inability to play all PS2 games. Sure, some games were lucky enough to be ported over, but there's no way of playing most of the PS2's releases on the go. That is, until now.

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Thanks to modder GingerOfOz on Twitter, we can see what a working portable PS2 looks like, and it's pretty fantastic.

The modded console, which GingerOfOz is calling the PS2 Eclipse, is the result of two months of hard work, and has a beautiful sleek exterior, complete with its own nifty logo on the back, as well as air vents "to prevent it from melting into a pile of goo".

Perhaps most impressively, the Eclipse houses a real PS2 motherboard, which has been cut down to the bare essentials, meaning all games will run smoothly and glitch-free.

This isn't the first custom portable console that the modder has made, either. On their channel, you can also check out their custom portable Wiis, including one made to be the size of a Game Boy Color. You really can't get any more portable than that.

Unfortunately, the PS2 Eclipse isn't for sale, but it's definitely super cool that it exists. For now, we'll have to make do with the upcoming Steam Deck - though may the odds of actually getting one be ever in your favour.

Featured Image Credit: GingerOfOz / Open 4 Business Productions

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