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Generous Strangers Work Together To Get PS5 From Scalper For Kid's Christmas Present

Generous Strangers Work Together To Get PS5 From Scalper For Kid's Christmas Present

You love to see it.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

There's no getting around the fact it's been a pretty crappy year. Even the recent launch of the next-gen consoles, something we were all counting on to bring a bit of light back into lives, has been irrevocably marred by the shady machinations of scalpers.

These people either work alone or in groups to secure large quantities of Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 consoles, and then sell them on to desperate customers for greatly inflated prices. Yes, it's awful, and yes we can all agree that these people are the worst. That's me putting it mildly, by the way. I'm not really allowed to do swears on this website.

But this story isn't about scalpers. We've written enough about all the crap they've pulled over the last few weeks and I think we could all use a short break. This is about the kindness of strangers, as a group of people have all banded together to attempt to help a parent secure a PlayStation 5 for their kid in time for Christmas.

PlayStation 5 Note On eBay /

As I'm sure you're aware, getting hold of a PS5 hasn't been easy thanks to immense demand and the aforementioned scalpers. Perhaps that's why a note left on eBay by one parent resonated with so many people. As reported by TheGamer, there's a listing on eBay right now for nothing more than a note. The note reads: "please buy this note so I can buy my 11-year-old son a PS5 for Christmas after a rubbish year."

At the time of writing the note has 13 bids, and the price has been driven up to £714. It's not clear if this amount will be honoured, or even if the seller of the note has genuine intentions and really is just trying to hook their kid up with a next-gen console for Christmas. We can at least take some comfort in the fact that a handful of strangers seem keen to help, at least, even if it doesn't come to anything.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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