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New Bible Game Lets You "Experience The Gospel Like Never Before"

New Bible Game Lets You "Experience The Gospel Like Never Before"

It aims to represent “biblical messages in their cultural context.”

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

One of 500 is an upcoming episodic narrative game about the Gospel, as a "morally and spiritually challenging and fascinating adventure interwoven with events around Jesus from Nazareth."

The Gospel is the cumulative Christian text that follows the life of Jesus, from the perspective of anonymous authors who titled their chapters after the apostles, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Though their contents are essentially identical, each gospel interprets the role and character of Jesus differently, and acts as a record of the man's teachings. At Lightword Productions, the team are developing One of 500, a sincere and emotionally engaging game about the gospels, and are aiming to "raise the bar for the quality of bible games like never before."

The idea was borne of a dissertation from the founder of the studio, Amin Joshua. It discovered that young people wanted to learn about biblical content, but only in a video game, and there were none that fit the bill. "In contrast to what many people expect when they hear of a religious game, we have a very different approach", said Josua.

"One of 500 is a game in which players experience the biblical messages in their cultural context, that enables them to understand these texts adequately. But they do not need to 'act biblically', they have the freedom to choose their position... Together with a visual quality level never seen before in a religious game and great gameplay, this is exactly what we know many gamers are looking for."

If it reaches its goal of €180,000 raised on Kickstarter, One of 500 will be an episodic game like Life is Strange or Tell Me Why. Each of the six episodes will be split into five chapters, mimicking the structure of the original texts. Players will step into the shoes of Benjamin, a teenager living in Capernaum at the Sea of Galilee in 28 CE. Enlisting academics and historians, Lightword Productions has scanned actual archaeological artefacts to recreate this place and time, and players will contend with difficult decisions where the "right" answer may give rise to unforeseen consequences.

"One of 500 aims at raising existential questions in the form of basic conflicts in human lives in a biblical context, while engaging players in an exciting story. This is something I think has been missing in the gaming world and I am excited this highly committed team is about to change that now," said Hendrik Lesser, president of the European Developer Federation.

Featured Image Credit: Lightword Productions

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