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Hyper-Detailed Fishing Game Gets DLC Entirely Dedicated To Scallops

Hyper-Detailed Fishing Game Gets DLC Entirely Dedicated To Scallops

Read scallop 'bout it.



Words by: Catherine Lewis

There are very few things in this world that come close to matching the level of passion that fishers have about their craft. Truly, fishers were like the overly-enthusiastic stans of the internet before it was cool. As such, I'm sure that there's a group of people out there who can hardly contain their excitement at Fishing: North Atlantic's new scallop-centric expansion pack.

The DLC is based in Nova Scotia, Canada, which, did you know is home to over 150 lighthouses? How exciting. Players will also get access to three new boats as well as scallop catching minigames, including operating the crane, sorting and cleaning scallops. I bet you're simply clamming up with anticipation.

Check out the trailer right here:

In real life, some scallops have been known to live up to 20 years, but rest assured that proficient fishing gamers (or gaming fishers?) will be able to cut that down significantly by identifying the best scallop breeding grounds and dredging up all the shelled creatures they can for the sake of profits. Scallops also have over 100 simple eyes, which they use to detect danger, as well as judge you for your sins.

Fishing: North Atlantic has a genuinely impressive hyper-realistic look to it, and as we can see in the expansion trailer, the scallops themselves are no exception, so if you're craving some bivalve mollusk handling yourself (come on, who doesn't?) and want the next best thing to the real life experience, this is probably it. You'll have to shell out £10.99 for the DLC, which for the hardcore fishing fans, probably feels quite reasonable? Maybe?

In case it wasn't obvious, scallop DLC isn't really something that floats my boat, but I'm not going to judge anyone who's hooked on the idea. That said, make sure you don't take all the scallops, alright? You wouldn't want to be shellfish.

Featured Image Credit: Misc Games

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