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Tired Of Waiting For 'GTA VI', This Hero Is Making 'Vice City' IRL

Tired Of Waiting For 'GTA VI', This Hero Is Making 'Vice City' IRL

“You nailed the stance.”

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is cherished for its ambitious open world, gripping story that was inspired by real events of the '80s and, of course, its cracking soundtrack. Countless gamers are clamouring for a remaster of the game, and while we wait, one very creative person has committed to a real life recreation of Vice City.

Rockstar Games might be keeping mum on the next Grand Theft Auto game, but industry insiders are willing to give the game away, so to speak. Tom Henderson, a name that will be familiar to you if you're a fan of Battlefield, recently stated that the studio is in the "very early" stages of development on the next entry to the series. However, he claimed that there will be multiple playable characters in a more modern Vice City and that this map will continually evolve in the way that Grand Theft Auto Online or Red Dead Online do.

Of course, this is debatable as the developer itself hasn't confirmed nor denied whether the next game will return to the setting of the 2002 title. Then, Rockstar Games soundtrack manager and music supervisor shared a photo of South Beach Miami while on holiday, adding a tag for his employer. Expectedly, that had fans frothing at the mouth, viewing it as another piece of evidence for a Vice City remaster.

Here's the skinny on everything we know about the next Grand Theft Auto game - check it out below.

The fictional Vice City is an amalgamation of influences like Scarface and Miami Vice as well as the enormous amount of field research that Rockstar Games employees undertook in Miami, Florida. So, while fans are hanging onto the hope of a shiny re-release in the 2020s, Reddit user RealLiveLEE is touring the places that inspired one of the most iconic cities in gaming.

Here he is, dressed as Tommy Vercetti, outside the Tarlite Hotel. This is renamed the Moonlite Hotel in the game but the cream and light blue colour scheme has been copied in the game. Even the windows are spot on.

RealLiveLee also has a "trailer" for his recreation of Vice City in Miami where he replicates scenes from the game and finds even more locations that have been lifted into Vice City. "Damn gta 6 graphics on point," said theMeatSauce88, and others have praised his commitment to the bit with the bright blue shirt, jeans, white shoes and even a similar watch on his wrist. "Bruh you nailed the stance lmao," added Ariera226. Your move, Rockstar Games.

Featured Image Credit: RealLiveLEE via Reddit, Rockstar Games

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