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One Of The Best Massive Battle Simulators Is Free Right Now

One Of The Best Massive Battle Simulators Is Free Right Now

This means war.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, the game where players are only limited by their imagination and their CPU's power, is free on Steam at the moment.

To the uninitiated, the clue's in the name. Developed by Brilliant Game Studios, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator released three years ago, and is a ginormous sandbox letting players pit any enemy they like against any other enemy. "Enemy" is a very loose term here, and it could encompass medieval knights, Viking berserkers, World War 2 soldiers, US Navy SEALs, Santa, Spider-Man, Deathtroopers from Star Wars, chickens, and more.

I believe it to be a natural human curiosity to see how 10,000 werewolves fare against 100,000 Pikachus, and if you count yourself among those dedicated to pushing the envelope of scientific advancement, then Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator might be right up your alley. Plus, it's free. It'll cost you zero pounds and zero pennies. What's the harm in adding to your library? You could even set up a tourney of some sort, where you and each of your friends select a character or type of soldier and then are given a random number between 100 and 1,000. That determines how many of that character or soldier will be in the army.

Each army must then be placed in a bracket, and then battle against their adversary. Whoever is victorious moves into the next category, and so on, until a final winner is found. I don't know, that sounds hilarious to me, and it'll be an excuse to get a takeaway pizza and drinks in to preside over the combat, just like the Ancient Roman elite who would gleefully watch the gladiators pulverise each other.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator /
Brilliant Games Studios

Alternatively, if you're a teacher or educator who's working remotely due to the pandemic, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator could add visual aids to the lessons you're giving. The most obvious avenue here is for a history teacher to literally show how conflicts in World War 2 or battles between Parliamentarians and Royalists played out. A biology teacher could use it to represent pathogens taking over an individual's immune system, or a literature teacher could create the fictional battles from the text being studied to add a sense of scale to the words on the page.

Or, you might be an average Joe who wants to see 10,000 chickens fight the army of Sparta. And that's just fine too. The offer ends on February 1st at 6.00pm, so hop to it!

Featured Image Credit: Brilliant Game Studios

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