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Latest 'Modern Warfare' And 'Warzone' Update Makes Key Changes Ahead Of Season 4

Latest 'Modern Warfare' And 'Warzone' Update Makes Key Changes Ahead Of Season 4

It's the final countdown.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Infinity Ward has released what's expected to be the final major update for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call Of Duty: Warzone ahead of Season 4. While the next season of content will of course see a fairly substantial slew of new additions to sink our teeth into (including a fan-favourite character), it looks like Season 3 is bowing out with some crucial changes of its own.

The good news for those of you worried about your hard drive taking a battering is that the latest update is nowhere near as substantial as we've seen in previous weeks. You won't have to delete an entire game to make space this time, thank goodness. But that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to get excited about.

Let's start with Modern Warfare. The "premium" experience sees a host of changes this week, including a number of tweaks to the game's popular multiplayer moshpits. Shoot House and Shipment now have their own 24/7 moshpits that mesh together a bunch of close-quarters modes.

Deatmatch Domination and Drop Zone also have their own dedicated playlists now, while Gun Game has gotten its own collection of Gunfight maps to duke it out on.

Those looking to change it up a little can also pick up the Tracer Pack: Purple bundle from the in-game store. You'll get a Legendary AR and SMG, a charm, sticker, vehicle skin, emblem, and calling card. You can also grab a new bundle for Operator Raines, which features a new skin and Legendary LMG and shotgun blueprint, as well as a Hatchet melee weapon.

Modern Warfare /

Warzone has made its fair share of tweaks, too. The free-to-play battle royale has removed the excellent Battle Royale Trios Classic, and added Plunder Quads. I'm not entirely sure how many people actually enjoy playing Plunder, but hopefully it won't be long before Infinity Ward adds in one of the other limited-time modes that recently leaked.

While not yet confirmed, it's widely expected that Season 4 of Modern Warfare and Warzone will be going live on June 2nd. That would make this the last weekly update for Season 3, and would also explain why Infinity Ward has announced another double XP weekend for the end of this week. Watch this space for any more news on Season 4 as we get it.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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