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Fight McDonald's In This New RPG From... Fast Food Chain Wendy's

Fight McDonald's In This New RPG From... Fast Food Chain Wendy's

Yep. Sure. Why not.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Apparently we live in a world where fast food giants are no longer content with just shoveling vaguely disappointing food into the mouths of the masses.

Now they have to release video games that tie in to their products in increasingly ridiculous ways. I'm not knocking it, as it's clearly working - I just wonder where and when it'll end, if at all.


KFC were the first to stun the world when, just last month, the chicken people decided to release a KFC dating simulator called I Love You Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin' Good Dating Simulator.

In it, you attend a culinary school and must win the trust and affection of Colonel Sanders himself, both in an effort to make him your one true love and business partner for any and all future food-based endeavours.

We here at GAMINGbible decided to take it for a spin once it was released and it was... fine. I mean, it's a dating sim published by KFC, it was never going to be Ocarina of Time, was it. Unsurprisingly, a new fast food chain has announced a game. Surprisingly, this one actually looks like it could be really, genuinely... okay.

Wendy's, an American fast food brand who are apparently best known for being sassy on social media and for giving people diarrhea, has put together its very own tabletop RPG. It's called Feast of Legends (because of course it is), and asks players to save the world from McDonald's, who for legal reasons are known in-game as the United Clown Nations.

What could have (and maybe should have) been a dumb joke is actually a 97-page book with robust rules, genuinely beautiful art, and some creative classes to play as. It looks like Feast of Legends essentially riffs on Dungeons & Dragons, even streamlining a few things, which might actually make this a more viable choice for any newcomers looking to get into tabletop RPGs - at least for their first game.

I dunno. I'm not telling you what to do. I'm certainly not telling you to go eat at Wendy's, or to fall in love with this game. All I know is that this is a thing for some reason and it's somehow my job to write about crap like this when it happens.

You can bet I'll be sat behind a keyboard rolling my eyes and trying to think of something interesting when McDonald's inevitably announces some kind of Sonic Adventure ripoff in which Ronald McDonald has to outrun the Burger King and collect all seven Happy Meal toys or something.


Until then, you can check out Feast of Legends here and make up your own damn mind, because I'm too tired to pretend I actually have an opinion on it anymore.

Featured Image Credit: Wendy's