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EA Hit Hard In Massive Hack, Over 780GB Of Data Stolen

EA Hit Hard In Massive Hack, Over 780GB Of Data Stolen

Information on ‘FIFA 21’ and more is now being offered to the highest bidder

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

Following the CD Projekt RED hack earlier this year, which saw source code for Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt pinched and then sold online, another major publisher has been compromised. This time it's EA's turn to see a wealth of data liberated from what it thought was a secure location.

As The Verge reports, as much as 780GB of data has been stolen, which includes the source code for 2020's football title FIFA 21 and key information on the Frostbite engine. Apparently the hackers in question are now offering this data for sale, to the highest bidders.

Hackers ruin everything - so it's always good to get some payback...

The Verge links to BleepingComputer's report regarding the scale of this hack, and EA provided them with a statement: "This was not a ransomware attack. A limited amount of code and related tools were stolen, and we do not expect any impact to our games or our business."

The same hackers claim to have access to Xbox and Sony SDK and API keys, and have allegedly stated that they will accept $28 million for access to the EA data. BleepingComputer writes that it has confirmed that the hackers' listings for this data are legitimate.

It's not just new games that get caught up in hacking, of course - in the spring of 2020, Nintendo saw multiple console source codes leaked. It's unlikely any competing developers or publishers will take an interest in any of the stolen data - but it's a concern that a lot of personal information could also be involved, as was the case with the CDPR hack.

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