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Dave Bautista Wants To Make A Bane Movie In The Same Style As 'Joker'

Dave Bautista Wants To Make A Bane Movie In The Same Style As 'Joker'

Speaking exclusively with us, the actor digs into a dream role

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

Army of the Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista has made no secret in the past of his eagerness to play both Batman villain Bane and Gears of War's most-famous meathead Marcus Fenix. So, during a recent opportunity to speak to him while he promoted his new Netflix movie, we thought we'd ask: which one would you go for, if you could only pick one?

Simple question, right? We weren't expecting all that much in return beyond a basic preference. But Dave, bless him, dug into the details of his dream role - and frankly, we're entirely here for it becoming a reality some day.

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"If you could only choose one project between Marcus Fenix and Bane to start filming tomorrow," we asked, "which would it be and why?" And now, over to Dave...

"It'd probably be Bane. I'd hope I wouldn't have to start shooting tomorrow, but I'd take the role just in case. If I played Bane, I'd throw some more size back on, I'd probably [bulk up to] over 300 pounds just to bring the physicality to Bane. I think Bane is just an interesting villain; he's a likeable villain, he's the anti-hero. There's something about a guy who's so physical, but his physicality is matched by intelligence. I think that's really interesting.

"I'd love to get the opportunity to play a character who spoke multiple languages, just to mess with people's perception of villains. It's something I think would be challenging, but I think I would be tailor-made for the part. I was such a huge fan of the Dark Knight series, I love the grounded feel. I feel like if they brought that back for Bane, like they did in the Joker film, that's the winning formula for DC. If they do that for Bane, I think it'd be a special film."

You heard it here, first? Dave Bautista wants to play Bane in a Batman universe movie that takes its cues from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy and Todd Phillips' Joker. So come on, Warner Bros... what are you waiting for, here? Army of the Dead, of course, is available to stream on Netflix right now - where it's already in the top-10 most-streamed movies ever. Nice one, Dave.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros., Netflix

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