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'CS:GO', Steam's Biggest Game, Was Deleted From The Online Store For Two Hours

'CS:GO', Steam's Biggest Game, Was Deleted From The Online Store For Two Hours

It's not every day a game just vanishes.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Valve's biggest game, and one of the biggest first-person shooters ever made, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive disappeared. For a couple of hours this morning, we simply didn't know where CS:GO was - how incredibly strange. No one is quite sure why at the moment, but the game completely disappeared from Valve's storefront Steam with nary a trace.

Steam is filled to the brim with games, thousands of titles all offering something different and new - but perhaps the biggest of them all is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Originally released in 2012, CS:GO has become one of the top esports games in the world, as well as the blueprint for successful titles following it, like Riot's Valorant. And today it was simply gone. Vanished from Steam altogether for a couple of hours with no word from Steam on what the heck was going on.

At first, we thought it was just Counter-Strike that might be seeing issues, but it's just the most famous of a long list of items that were mysteriously deleted from Steam in the early hours of March 9th. Other games include American Gods, Halloween 2, Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Shawn the Sheep Movie, Mad Max (1979), Paddington and oh wait - are these film names? How peculiar.

No one really knows what happened to the Steam page for CS:GO - what could be up with Valve? It might have just been a serious overhaul of the CS:GO page specifically where there was some maintenance that needed to be done, but for a moment there I'm sure some fans thought it might be the start of a possible next game in the Counter-Strike series. Oh, or maybe someone hacked the mainframe... too sci-fi?

Yeah, it's more likely there was just a problem with the page or game that needed to be fixed offline. But it's still weird that one of the biggest games in the world just up and disappeared for a while.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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