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'CoD: Modern Warfare' Outback Pack Proceeds Being Donated to Australian Bushfire Relief

'CoD: Modern Warfare' Outback Pack Proceeds Being Donated to Australian Bushfire Relief


Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward has confirmed that 100% of the proceeds from a new cosmetic bundle will be donated to Australian bushfire relief efforts. You'll likely already be familiar with the fires that are currently raging across the Australian countryside, destroying countless homes and claiming the lives of over a billion animals.

In the past few weeks, the people of Australia - with help from folk around the world - have stepped up in a number extraordinary ways in a concentrated effort the mitigate the untold damage the fires are currently wreaking. Volunteer firefighters have worked around the clock. Teenagers have been rounding up animals in their cars to save them from the blaze. And Twitch streamers have raised and donated outstanding amounts of money for various relief efforts.

Now, it seems, Activision and Infinity Ward are playing their own small part with "The Outback Relief Pack," which was previously simply "The Outback Pack." This change comes after many in the Call Of Duty community called on Infinity Ward Activision to donate their earnings from the Aussie-themed bundle to help fight the fires. It would seem the two companies listened.

The cosmetic bundle includes the "Bushranger" operator skin, a legendary blueprint, a new finishing move, a koaloa-shaped charm, and some other cosmetic add-ons. If you purchase the pack, you'll also net yourself a free battle pass tier skip. Between now and the end of the month (January 31st), all proceeds from purchases of the bundle will be given to relief efforts. Infinity Ward also confirmed that purchases made before the announcement will also be donated.

"From everyone at Infinity Ward, Call of Duty, and Activision, thank you for your consideration," Infinity Ward wrote. "Our hearts go out to all of those who have been affected."

Meanwhile, a number of other developers and publishers are getting involved. Ubisoft Australia has donated $30,000 AUS to the Australia Red Cross Disaster and Recovery Relief Fund, encouraging its community to donate what they can too. This came in response to requests from players that Ubisoft create in-game items that could be sold for donations, but the company feels "more immediate action is required".

Elsewhere, Destiny developer Bungie has put together a limited edition T-shirt. Players who purchase this special bit of kit will also get themselves an exclusive in-game emblem.

Modern Warfare Farah
Modern Warfare Farah

As the people of Australia hope that the forecast rainfall brings the change in fortune they so desperately need, don't forget that anything you can do to help absolutely can - and will - make a difference.

There are still so many ways you can help contribute to the ongoing efforts, if you wish. If you've already picked up the Outback pack for Modern Warfare, you can also donate to the Australian Red Cross here. Alternatively, you can donate to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service here, or the Queensland Fire Service here.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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