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Classic Star Wars Figures Announced By Hasbro For Lucasfilm’s 50th Anniversary

Classic Star Wars Figures Announced By Hasbro For Lucasfilm’s 50th Anniversary

But nostalgia comes at a price

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

It's okay to never grow out of toys... Is what I tell my wife, anyway, whenever a new Transformer arrives at our house. But if you're less into Hasbro's line of robots in disguise and more about the same company's plastic depictions of characters from a galaxy far, far away, do we have some Good News for you.

As Lucasfilm celebrates its 50th(!) anniversary this year - albeit not until December, if we're sticking to its founding date of December 10th, 1971 - Hasbro is bringing back some classic toys from the first-ever Star Wars movie.

Hasbro's Black Series of figures was already very much in the vein of the toys that came out to support 1977's Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope; but as IGN reports, it's now going fully retro for some special releases that turn back the years.

Okay, so they're not exact replicas of figures you might have played with in the late 1970s (yeah, we know we get some older readers on these pages; you're in good company, trust me), but these toys offer several nods to the old Kenner-branded figures, such as Obi-Wan's cloak and the black-card packaging of each, which is chef's-kiss evocative of how these things came back in the day (and yes, I'm just about old enough to remember).

Star Wars Black Series Anniversary figures /

Alongside the lightsaber-complete Obi-Wan Kenobi - the Alec Guinness likeness of A New Hope, of course - we have the Rodian bounty hunter Greedo, who famously loses a below-the-table duel (or was it a duel?) with Han Solo, and a Jawa, famous for, um, being a Jawa? Jawas are alright. They're just doing the best they can.

These figures measure six inches tall - okay, the Jawa doesn't - and they are, uh, Amazon exclusives right now, and only available in the US, where they'll set you back $19.99 each. Speaking as someone who's seen several mainline Transformers characters - as in, hugely popular ones that everyone wants in their collection - held back behind American Amazon exclusivity, driving second-hand-market prices skyward (no, I will not be paying £200 for a two-pack of coneheads, thanks eBay), this practice sucks.

Indeed, pre-orders for Obi-Wan are already sold out on Amazon US, so he'll be fetching a high price soon enough; although Greedo and the Jawa remain available, ahead of the figures' release in May 2021, and they will ship to the UK, albeit for a tidy sum of extra pounds. I bought an Ironhide and Prowl two-pack from Amazon US last year and it did come though okay, so if you're in two minds, my experience was a good one, at least.

And if it's more Star Wars you're after, here's more Star Wars... in Microsoft Flight Simulator! Because what says realism quite like flying an X-wing over a major modern metropolis?

Featured Image Credit: Hasbro