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Classic Mickey Mouse Game Might Be Returning, As New Merch Emerges

Classic Mickey Mouse Game Might Be Returning, As New Merch Emerges

Is the mouse back in the house?

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

Mickey Mouse has been the star of many video games over the years. Personally, my first meaningful encounter with the Disney icon in a gaming capacity was on the Master System version of Castle of Illusion - a platforming classic of the pre-Sonic SEGA era that I'll go stand up for, whatever the competition. (And yes, the 8-bit version was better than the 16-bit Mega Drive game, don't @ me.)

Several years after Castle of Illusion, in 2010, another rather good video game starring Mickey Mouse came out for the Wii, in the shape of Epic Mickey. It used a neat paint brush mechanic to create or remove elements of the game, or turn enemies friendly. Selling two million copies, it received both a multi-platform sequel, 2012's Oswald (the Lucky Rabbit)-featuring The Power of Two; and a spin-off for the 3DS, Power of Illusion.

Epic Mickey /
Disney Interactive Studios

And then: all quiet on the dark 'n' gritty mouse front. The Power of Two wasn't really a patch on its predecessor, both in commercial and critical terms, and the studio behind it, Junction Point, was closed by its owners Disney Interactive in 2013. So long, Epic Mickey, and thanks for all the paint stains.

But! As spotted over on Nintendo Life, Epic Mickey, as a series, could be stirring from its slumber. The site has highlighted two recent pieces of associated clothing - one on a Korean store, another on a Dutch one. And one, the hoodie, seems to have all-new Epic Mickey branding on it. Whatever could that mean, eh?

The Epic Mickey clothing /
ADLV (hoodie), Funko POPs (t-shirt)

Well, most likely, it means nothing. The shirt of the Dutch FunkoPOPs store and hoodie from Korea's ADLV might just have shown up randomly. These things happen. But it could mean that something Epic Mickey-shaped is heading back to gaming - and it's not like there haven't been mutterings to that effect for a while.

In December last year, YouTuber Doctre81 put up a video claiming that a Disney IP game was coming to Nintendo Switch via PlayMagic, the studio behind the forthcoming remake of the cell-shaded shooter XIII - and that it was a remaster rather than an all-new game. PlayMagic's website says they've four projects in development right now, with one revealed as the XIII remake - so could one of them be a remaster of Epic Mickey, for Switch?

Maybe. Meantime, you can at least wear your Epic Mickey memories, I guess.

Featured Image Credit: Disney Interactive Studios

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