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Mads Mikkelsen Is The Ultimate Witcher In Stunning New Images

Mads Mikkelsen Is The Ultimate Witcher In Stunning New Images

Toss a coin to this witcher.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Look, I love Henry Cavill as Geralt Of Rivia in Netflix's The Witcher. Any initial doubts I might have had evaporated within minutes of seeing the Superman actor as the gruff monster hunter for hire in action. I wouldn't have anyone else in the role at this point, even if I had the power to make it happen. Which I don't. Obviously.

With that said, just look at Mads Mikkelsen. This is a guy that was clearly born to play a witcher, and was one of the most-requested choices among fans for the role of Geralt before Cavill was cast.

While he won't be playing the witcher we all know and love anytime soon, it's not too late for Netflix to cast him as literally any other witcher. I mean, just look at these stunning pieces of art from Wonki Cho that imagine Mikkelsen as a wandering hero. This is all the proof you need to see that the Rogue One actor would be a damn fine addition to the Netflix fantasy series.

Wonki Cho

Over on Reddit, fans discussing Cho's outstanding art have shared their hopes of seeing Mikkelsen in The Witcher one day, while also acknowledging that Cavill is great in the role. Fans on the internet talking about what they want without being rude and toxic? We love to see it.

"What made Cavil such a good fit was that he played The Witcher 3 and brought in a lot of that personality which may very well have otherwise not been included in the Netflix series," reasoned PRSG12. "When I first heard that Netflix was making the series, I was worried that it wouldn't do well because people (like me even having read the book series) would be expecting Geralt from the games and would have gotten Geralt from the books."

"Aye. Was not thrilled at ALL to know Cavil got the part, and then found out he was an avid fan which made it seem more like a fanboy dream," agreed Lolligagers. "Mads is amazing in pretty much anything he's involved in... but sorry, can simply not picture him in the role anymore."

Even so, these fantastic images from Cho (and there are more of them here) make a pretty compelling argument for Mikkelsen's casting as a rival witcher. There are enough of them in the books and games, after all, and while a number of them have already been cast, there's still plenty of scope for Netflix to make our dreams come true one day and engineer some kind of mercenary showdown between Cavill and Mikkelsen. We just have to keep the faith.

Featured Image Credit: Wonki Cho

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