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'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Cheater Gets Stuck In Gas Trying To Use Exploit

'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Cheater Gets Stuck In Gas Trying To Use Exploit

Le jeu sont fait.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Call Of Duty: Warzone has had its troubles with cheaters, and even the developers have come out to say that they hate the people that ruin the matches for others. That's what makes this clip of a cheater getting a taste of their own medicine in the gas oh-so-satisfying.

In the new map that dropped following the nuclear decimation of Verdansk, there are a lot of changes. For example, the Stadium is being built, offering high vantage points like the announcer cabin and stealth opportunities in the underside walkway. The environments themselves are in the throes of spring, allowing for cover in the foliage and obscurity in the shade. And, the over-the-horizon radar defense system is certainly the jewel in the crown of the '80s era map, and it provides excellent sightlines across the central areas. Before we move on, may I ask for a moment of your time to say sayonara to the old Verdansk in this compilation of classic highlights and fails in the original map.

Unfortunately, not everything is shipshape in Verdansk, and there's an exploit that lets you glitch underneath the map. In doing so, you become invisible and invincible - those who are on the right side of the ground won't be able to see who is shooting at them and they're essentially sitting ducks for you. Now, it is expected that the developers will address this issue in a forthcoming patch, yet right now, players are taking advantage of the ability to get the upper (lower?) hand on their opponents. In this clip of a Warzone game from Reddit user n1shu, they're spectating someone who's clipped underneath the Stadium.

They're as happy as a clam, eliminating players who are walking above them with nary a care in the world. Why would they worry? Once you're underneath the map, you're still able to zipline out again, so when the gas starts to inch closer and closer to the cheater, they hightail it out of there. Or, they would have done, had they not stacked it and fallen into a hole. The player sprints and scrambles on the too-steep edges, sliding down every single time, until the gas gets them and the game is up.

So, there's a lesson here. You shouldn't cheat in video games if you don't want your fellow players to poke fun at your death. "Circle said: fine i'll do it myself," joked Oramj-cz. With the developers continuing to crack down on those who like to bend the rules, we'll likely see even more players stopped in their tracks. Personally, it would be good value to put all of the people using cheat software in one game, chuck them underneath the map, and let them fight it out, a la Fall Guys.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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