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British Hooligans Ruined A 'Mordhau' Tournament, Screaming "F*ck Off Ya D*ckhead"

British Hooligans Ruined A 'Mordhau' Tournament, Screaming "F*ck Off Ya D*ckhead"

Get stoned.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

I'm not really sure why any of us would expect us Brits to behave ourselves in a silly medieval fighting game. Even when there is a serious amount of money in the balance, it's not a surprise to see legitimately good players of action game Mordhau turn to less than conventional means of winning a war - mainly shouting a cocktail of swearwords and classic British insults.

One group of self-titled hooligans entered a Mordhau tournament, where the winners would be awarded $4000 and, well, might have annoyed the other teams and commentators somewhat. I mean if you were just getting absolutely battered, you might be a little annoyed too right?

Here is the video from Giru for you to enjoy in all its ridiculousness - and fair warning, there is a lot of swearing included...

The video is prefaced with a little bit of the commentators hoping that the team we're following, VK (of course it's VK), are going to be shown the door by the next competitors. They had previously beat out other teams with their usual swearing and rock-throwing antics but these aren't exactly... honourable techniques. The commentators hoped that the players would go up against a more experienced team and finally see the error of their ways, and either have to play more seriously or be beaten. And oh boy, as you may have watched, the exact opposite happened.

VK spend a lot of time swearing and swerving in between players. Often abandoning the weapons they had chosen for other means of fighting like throwing punches and stones. And though it may look silly, and most of the team communication is them shouting f*ck off over and over with each swing, it works. The other team is beaten pretty badly by VK and British tenacity rules supreme.

You can see more of Giru's content on their YouTube channel here.

Featured Image Credit: Triternion

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