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'Beehive Bedlam' Is Officially Back On Sky, So Maybe 2020 Isn't All Bad

'Beehive Bedlam' Is Officially Back On Sky, So Maybe 2020 Isn't All Bad

Bee mine.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

To most of you, the name Beehive Bedlam might not mean anything. But to those of us who grew up with a Sky TV package in the early 00's? It was the game of a generation. Okay, so maybe that's going a little too far, but we certainly had a good time with it.

For those of you who might not quite remember, Beehive Bedlam was a match-three puzzle game not unlike Candy Crush. The difference is that Beehive Bedlam existed years before the mobile gaming industry was the behemoth it is now, and could only be accessed via Sky+. It was the kind of game you played at your grandparent's house because they had Sky and you'd forgotten to bring your Game Boy Advance... but damn it if it wasn't a ton of fun.

The good news is that Beehive Bedlam is finally back on Sky, which means maybe 2020 isn't a complete write-off. The classic game is once again available via Sky Q, and offers 20 familiar levels for players to make their way through and pretend that the world isn't falling apart more and more with each passing day. Don't think about how rubbish everything is. Look at the bees. Keep looking. Don't ever stop looking at the bees.

"When Beehive Bedlam first arrived on Sky+, its simple and fast paced gameplay quickly made it an addictive cult hit with sofa gamers across the country," Sky said in a press release. "After countless calls for its return, and even a petition, Sky Q is now bringing back the bee-based-bonanza.

"It's the perfect time-filler to play while you wait for your favourite TV show to start, as you can have both your TV programme and the game next to each other on one screen."

Beehive Bedlam /

You can access Beehive Bedlam by using voice commands like "bee bee bee" or "start Beehive Bedlam", assuming saying those things out loud won't make you feel like a complete and utter tool. If so, you can access the game via the Apps page. That's how we did it back in my day.

"We heard you - fan favourite Beehive Bedlam is officially back on Sky Q, so you can enjoy more of what you love in one place," Elizabeth Wynn, Managing Director of TV at Sky, commented. "Start challenging your family to the highest score and see who flies to the top of the leader board. We look forward to seeing the results!"

Featured Image Credit: Sky