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'Battlefield V' Is Available For Free Right Now, Here's How To Get It

'Battlefield V' Is Available For Free Right Now, Here's How To Get It

Battlefield 1 is also free to download from the same service.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Right now, Battlefield V is free to download and once you bag it, it's in your library forever. If you're a fresh-faced cadet tempted by the possibilities of Battlefield 2042 but don't know where to start with the series... or if you just like free stuff, here's how to claim the game.

It's Amazon Prime Gaming that is giving away Battlefield V for free, so if you already have a Prime account, then sign into your account and Bob's your uncle. In its single-player side, it offers War Stories that explore the real and lived experiences of the Second World War - Prologue, Nordlys, Under No Flag, Tirailleur, and The Last Tiger. Nordlys will see you embody a young Norwegian resistance fighter who attempts to free her mother from inside a heavily fortified water plant under the control of the German forces.

Tirailleur acknowledges the efforts of colonial units of the French Army who have been unfortunately historically overlooked in favour of the European soldiers and squadrons. Deme, a Senegalese tirailleur, narrates the events that take him and his friends face-to-face with the formidable German Fallschirmjäger defenses in the middle of the picturesque French countryside.

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If multiplayer is more your speed, then there is the battle royale mode Firestorm and the Grand Operations mode that drops you into the heart of the conflict in 64 player battles. It's also worth mentioning that even if you don't have an Amazon Prime Gaming account, you could sign up for the free trial, grab the game, and cancel it before you're charged. Just don't mention it to Jeff.

Oh, and Battlefield 1 is also free to download for Amazon Prime Gaming members and if you pre-order Battlefield 2042 on Amazon, you get a bunch of goodies like a Baku ACB-90 melee takedown knife, 'Mr. Chompy' Epic Weapon Charm and early access to the beta. That's something to consider if you are as excited for Battlefield 2042 as we are.

Let me share with you something snazzy - DICE LA has been renamed Ripple Effect. Personally, that makes me think of chocolate, but others are fairly certain that this studio is working on a new Titanfall title. I know, I know. Our hopes for Titanfall 3 are like a twisty-turny rollercoaster and we've been nearly sick with the heartache. Electronic Arts itself has said that a continuation of the Titanfall series is in the hands of Respawn and those hands are tied up with the development of Apex Legends.

However, Ripple Effect has Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella steering the ship. Is it possible that Zampella has assembled the best and brightest to take us back to Titanfall while Apex Legends ticks over quite contently with the core Respawn team? We'll have to wait and see.

Featured Image Credit: EA, DICE

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