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Artist Creates Stunning Charizard Artwork On Macbook

Artist Creates Stunning Charizard Artwork On Macbook

Quick, let's go get it a PSA grading

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

I'm nervous just buying new cases for laptops and phones. I mean how do you know a blue case will be able to go with all your outfits right? It's an important dilemma, so I can't even imagine spray painting a Charizard card onto a Macbook, can you?

This incredibly impressive piece of artwork painted on to an Apple laptop just looks phenomenal though - it'd make any Pokémon fan go green with envy. Posted on TikTok, artist Leomahalo starts by priming and then spray painting the back of the laptop with a speckled red before hand-drawing the outline for the Charizard card on top. Seeing just a small part of the process is pretty intense so we can believe in when he says that the full artwork took over 100 hours to complete.

It doesn't stop there though, Leo has done this process on more than just the Macbook - iPads, iPhones, and cars are all getting the same treatment, don't you worry. And it's not just Pokémon that gets to appear in his crisp artwork either - how about a couple beautiful graphics of some Among Us imposters? Oh, and if you're into pink, a Kirby - Pink Panther - Patrick phone might just be the one you'd pick.

We're not the only ones realising the incredible talents of Leomahalo though - he has got a huge following on TikTok where he posts all these astonishing pieces of art. Right now they've got an almighty 5.3 million followers just on the short video sharing app, but of course, we expect that to keep growing.

And beyond that, Leomahalo has celebrity clientele. He's made pieces for big names like Jason Derulo, Addison Rae, Charli D'Amelio and more. Check out his work on his TikTok if you'd like, it's filled with even more incredible examples of his work or perhaps even Leo's YouTube.

Featured Image Credit: Leomahalo (via TikTok)

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