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New Call Of Duty Anti-Cheat Measure Blocks Player Hardware

New Call Of Duty Anti-Cheat Measure Blocks Player Hardware

Following the promises to add anti-cheat it seems players are being hardware banned.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

If you've played Call of Duty: Warzone, or pretty much any online multiplayer title, you've almost certainly experienced cheaters. Gamers who, rather than winning fair and square, prefer winning through hacking the game or who simply want to annoy other players. Cheaters have increasingly become an issue with the rise of free-to-play games because without payment, once a hacker's account gets banned they can just make a new one and keep playing. But for the new Call of Duty anti-cheat, that could all change.

Charlie Intel spotted TikToker Rushman360 telling his followers that his accounts on Warzone had all been banned, even if they had not been played yet. This indicates that it's not the user that has been banned but the hardware itself. Though there are ways to sidestep these problems with spoofing hardware IDs, this is another sign that Activision is taking more steps to prevent cheaters.

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The TikToker admits that he has been cheating - videos show him using hacks to identify where players are for example, but he doesn't seem upset by the ban. In fact, Rushman congratulates Activision on taking a step to prevent accounts like his. However, since the original post where he talks about being banned, he has gone on to post more clips of him playing Warzone with hacks activated.

This news comes after Activision confirmed to Charlie Intel amid its California lawsuit that new anti-cheat measures are coming to the Call of Duty franchise with the upcoming release of Vanguard. Warzone has had such a massive problem with hackers that many left the game behind from regular players to massive content creators like Nickmercs. Many are waiting for the release of Battlefield 2042 as their multiplayer of choice as a result. However, these new measures might attract people back to Warzone and CoD if they really do work.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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