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90-Year-Old Grandad Has Been Playing 'Skyrim' For Ten Years, Still Hoards All His Gear

90-Year-Old Grandad Has Been Playing 'Skyrim' For Ten Years, Still Hoards All His Gear

The Elder's Scroll

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

How many hours do you think you've put into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim since it launched back in 2011? A few hundred? Maybe more? I imagine a few of you will definitely be well into the thousands at this point, but have you been smashing through Bethesda's open-world game consistently for the last ten years?

I doubt you can honestly say you have, but that's because you're nowhere near as awesome as Reddit user Peyt0na500's grandad. That's okay, I'm not either. I've made my peace with it. The fact is none of us could ever be as cool as a 90-year-old gentleman who's been playing Skyrim religiously since launch. Think about that: he started when he was 80, and is still going strong.

Before we move on, take a look at our virtual tour of Skyrim below!

Peyt0na500 shared a brief video of his grandad's setup below. He explained that he refuses to get a new TV "because he likes his 650x650 aspect ratio because it's square," even though it also cuts off quite a bit of the game. Classic grandad moves - but why not stick to what you know, eh?

As you can see from the below video, grandad is clearly a bit of a hoarder. His in-game home is filled with robes and gear that he hasn't gotten around to selling.

Even better, Peyt0na500 claims the elderly gamer has been walking around with nearly 800,000 pounds worth of gear. As any Skyrim player will know, that's more than enough to make a character over-encumbered and greatly reduce walking speed. According to Peyt0na500, his grandad is fine with this and gets around by drawing his bow to walk a tiny bit faster. Outstanding.

The good news for anyone stressed out just hearing that last part is that Peyt0na500 just recently confirmed he's set his grandad up with Skyrim: Special Edition on Xbox One, which comes with mod support. "He now has unlimited carry capacity and is so happy. He also has special edition, with all DLC's and some of my favorite mods," he wrote. "He is shocked how fast he can run now."

We salute you, sir. Here's to many more years of adventures in Skyrim!

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda