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Free Harry Potter RPG accused of being pay-to-win

Free Harry Potter RPG accused of being pay-to-win

The newly released free Harry Potter RPG Magic Awakened has been accused of being pay-to-win by players.

Forget Hogwarts Legacy. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is the new talk of the town. The free-to-play RPG was released last week, but players are already arguing that it’s pay-to-win.

If you were unaware, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a MMO collectible card wizard duelling game with strategy RPG elements. That’s a wordy mouthful. Unlike Hogwarts Legacy, Magic Awakened features some familiar faces as it’s set 10 years after the Battle of Hogwarts which went down in The Deathly Hallows. The game boasts a delightful art style - major Professor Layton vibes - and you’ll truly be able to embody the life of a student. There’s duelling, dance classes, and mysteries to solve … you name it. There are also a number of pay-to-win elements though.

Take a look at Harry Potter: Magic Awakened in action below.

Reddit user jcam6972 wrote, “Anyone else disappointed with how [pay-to-win] the game is? I really do enjoy this game a whole lot and had high hopes that as a [free-to-play] person it would be somewhat reasonable. [...] But I just saw a post where the opponent had a level 17 legendary card and it made me realise how insanely impossible this game would be for a [free-to-play] person, likely going to drop this game and not waste anymore time [on] it because of it.”

They continued, “I had considered buying the monthly or season pass but I can't rationalise it with how high the card levels go and how limited the gold resource is. I'll [keep] an eye on the game but as of right now I'm disappointed.”

Many agreed with the original poster. User srona22 wrote, “If you see NetEase, expect the [pay-to-win]. I am only playing for sake of nostalgia and loving the story. And artwork is good, 3D models remind me of certain game in early 2000s,” while obcommentary added, “If I see someone all decked out in PvP, I already know I'm probably going to lose. But when I actually do manage to win, I feel a pretty big sense of accomplishment.” HarryPTHD said, “Uninstalled. Tried to have fun, but got tired of the usual gacha grind. Also kept getting ads for cosmetics shoved in my face. On the plus side, It reminded me that I still need to finish Hogwarts Legacy.” Hopefully the upcoming Quidditch Champions will feature less of this.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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